We talk so often about the motivation to make a positive change. Jenn’s story reminds us that commitment is needed too.


After a really negative incident with a colleague, Jenn decided it was time for a change and embarked on a journey of self-discovery. She started by joining a gym for the first time in her life. Overcoming her initial anxiety, she committed to an hour a day focused on her health & well-being. That was just the beginning. Once Jenn got started, the positive changes just kept on coming! As she writes:

As I started to regain focus on the important things in life, such as my family and finding that delicate balance between business ownership and being a mom and a wife, it all started to come together. I realized that keeping people in your life that are causing you unneeded stress and anxiety needed to go. I was committed to making a change, mentally, emotionally, physically – for my family and for my business.

I first began by putting my foot down and being very deliberate about not tolerating anyone who wasn’t on board with the new direction of my life. There is no room in my life for friends, colleagues or clients who were un-supportive naysayers. This was the most rewarding and freeing experience.

I love that Jenn’s story shows how one positive change can easily lead to another, including a 50-pound weight loss.  Ready to get even more inspired? Click here to read the full story in Jenn’s words.