Welcome to The Felix Culpa Project!
We tell stories that show how to move from challenge to change.

When life tosses a curveball, it can knock us down or it can be an opportunity.

Our Felix Culpa stories show everyday people taking the tough challenges in life and using them as a springboard for something amazing. While we can’t control what happens to us, we do get to choose how we respond and tell our story.

Our stories show how growth can come from disaster, just like bright green buds popping up after a forest fire.

Once we make it through our own personal forest fire, we’re much more likely to recognize the opportunities around us. We’ve earned the permission slip and it’s time to use it! (And, by the way, everyone gets a permission slip.)

So who or what is Felix Culpa? The term is Latin for fortunate fault – something good that comes from something bad. It’s taking the terrible things, turning them inside out to find the gift, then using that gift to make life awesome.